American Pinup emerged from the suburban sprawl of Westchester County, New York in 2010 to offer a rousing blend of punk rock and powerpop with seasoned songwriting at its core. Thoughtfully arranged compositions and lyrical depth bolster the band’s radio-ready, exuberant indie rock sound. Fronted by Lauren West, who unites sultry, melodic crooning with a raspy, rock and roll growl, the band draws on influences from across the spectrum of alternative music, creating an explosive mixture of pop-savvy melody and punk rock attitude. The result is the perfect marriage of hook and edge.

Following two full-length albums and a split released on the indie hero label Altercation Records, American Pinup offered their first self-release in 2015, "The Radio EP," a "short yet sweet offering that showcases just how diverse and matured American Pinup is" (24Our Music).

Through their extensive touring of North America, including countless appearances at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, The Fest, and SXSW, and has carved out their own niche in the world of independent music. A tireless, DIY work ethic paired with undeniably infectious tracks and electrifying live shows has propelled the quartet from obscurity to earning a coveted place on the Alternative Press list of “100 Bands You Need To Know” in 2014.

On the band's future, West says, "2016 has been all about writing new songs and moving forward artistically. It's hard to conceal my pride in what we've been working on. The reaction from fans as we debut this new material on the road has never been quite this enthusiastic. I've never been more excited about what's next for us."


"Change Machine is full of songs that could stay with you if you let them in. Remember when pop wasn't a dirty word and a band like Blondie was catchy, but also dared to examine experimental rock as well? American Pinup write songs with depth, heart, and a direct link to punk rock."
Morgan Evans - New Noise Magazine

"[Lauren West] has quickly become one of the most captivating frontwomen in the biz."
Amy Wright - AMP Magazine

"American Pinup run through a multitude of rock genres in their quest to expand their sound... The peppy quartet have no problem being music shape-shifters... 'A New America'... [is] a sing-along folk-punk song with ample amounts of swagger and heart."
100 Bands You Need To Know - Alternative Press

"[I]t is a sure bet that if you have not yet heard of American Pinup you soon will. It’s also a good bet that front gal Lauren West may just become the voice of the new decade."
Brian Shea - AMP Magazine

"[T]his band is the real deal all the way... This live take sounds every bit as good as the studio version. And it's very clear that Lauren West's powerhouse voice requires no technological enhancement! I should add that the lyrics to this song completely blew my mind. If one of the major objectives of [The Prava Sessions] is to feature bands with actual talent, then American Pinup is a perfect fit."
Lord Rutledge - Faster and Louder - Review: American Pinup, "The Prava Sessions"

"Blending tight vocals and songwriting with a straight-forward yet varied rock sound, this suburban New York state band offers something that is fun and honest."
Brandon Minia - 24OurMusic


Meet the Band

Lauren West
voice, guitar
Tim Robbins
Rob Peralta
John Casale
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Ah, the blog. It's a diary of sorts. It's about being in American Pinup. It's about feelings. Mostly it's where we whine about stuff we don't like but sometimes it's where we reflect on the good stuff like our super fun tour travels and our really excellent fans.

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