1. Play for Blood

From the recording Get Better EP

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Written by Rob Peralta and Lauren West.
Lyrics by Lauren West.

Recorded at Mercy College Studio A, Dobbs Ferry, NY. Produced by Sam Stauff, Andrew Porta, and American Pinup. Engineered by Sam Stauff. Mixed by Andrew Porta at Black Cat Studios, Portland, ME. Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering.


My old friend heartache’s back again
That’s what you’d like me to pretend
You’re so cute when you condescend
We both know that you heard exactly what I said

The joke’s on you
I don’t care
So why are you acting like I do?
Not hard to tell
I forgot how much you love flattering yourself
It really makes this so much easier

You’ve only ever felt relieved
That’s what you’d like me to believe
You must think I’m so naive
I never really needed all that time to grieve

I’ll play along
And you can
Act like you’re the point of every song
It’s what you need
And somehow I keep on forgetting I don’t owe you anything
I never did

It’s a game of luck
That we play for blood