1. Far Away

From the recording Change Machine

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I had to make an excuse to stay
And talk to you while everyone was emptying the place
And I had to fake like I had just had one too few
And needed a reason to avoid a lonely hotel room

Then you said don’t stay on account of me
Oh, we both know it would be a mistake

You’re too far away

I’ve given thought to this before
You’re not the first
And I guess a part of me was waiting for it to get worse
But I’ll hang in there some more
But not too long
And honestly I don’t know which possibility makes me strong

And if there are so many reasons not to fuck things up back home
Then someone tell me why I feel alone

You’re too far away

And you drove for hours
Tossing your roaches in the dash
And I wrote you a message
That I never meant
To send

“There are things that I can’t change
Because they’re all I understand”

You’re too far away