1. Souls

From the recording Change Machine

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I don’t know how it ended here
After a very long career
Like letting a kite go
You never felt that fear before
And so you carved it in your door
So everyone would know

They can’t protect you
The weakness is in your seams
They’re falling open
Showing the parts in this machine
What we were never meant to see

You’re showing me an empty face
And something there has been erased
A shallow and slow breath
I really always thought that we
Would die young and with dignity
Now what do we have left?

It’s something ancient
You feel it deep in your marrow
Lost to the ocean
And you only want to let go
Now it’s a secret we all know

Was it everything you wanted it to be?
Will the earth shake and will make us fall to our knees?
Will you quiver, collapse inward, and forever cease?
This will give you everything you need